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Lawyers taking the web IQ quiz created by Best Lawyer Websites to help law firm staff test their knowledge of web design and development, web content writing, SEO and marketing for law firms.

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See how much you know about law firm web design and development by choosing whether the following statements are True or False. Click the "How did I do?" link at the end of the quiz to get your score (shown in a green box) review your answers, see whether your answer was correct or incorrect and learn more about the subject raised in the question.

The success of a law firm website is measured in Hits?

Many people assume that a "Hit" represents a website visit when it, in fact, is a measure of activity during a website visit. For example, a single website visit could generate 10 hits.

A website for lawyers that loads quickly is "Responsive".

Responsive means the website is programmed to present content in the format that is best for the device being used by the web visitor. For example, if the web visitor is using a cell phone, the content is compressed to fit on the screen of a cell phone.

Having a Responsive website helps you achieve a higher page rank on Google.

The great "Google Brain" is programmed to direct visitors to the best websites and one characteristic of a good website is responsiveness.

Nobody reads lawyer websites.

We monitor a wide variety of metrics for our websites, including how long the average visitor stays on the website and how many pages they read. The results show, without any doubt, that people do read websites, provided that the content is client focused (what we do), not law firm focused (what the competition does).

The purpose of a law firm website is to describe the services offered by the firm's lawyers.

When the copywriting in your legal website is nothing more than a listing of services, there is no point of differentiation. That means the visitor will see your services as low-value commodities with just one buying criteria: price. Is that really what you want to attract?

A web visitor attracted to a law firm website with a paid ad (Google Adwords) is the same as the web visitor attracted with search engine optimization.

A web visitor attracted with search engine optimization is more likely to respond than a web visitor attracted with a paid ad. Why? Because SEO generated visitors spend more time on a law firm website and read more pages than a paid visitor.

The most highly read page on a law firm website is not the page featuring lawyer biogs.

Web visitors are typically most interested in the area of law affecting their legal matter. The ranking of pages featuring lawyer biogs is rarely in the top five, mainly because the content is uninteresting or, worse still, counterproductive because it reinforces the negative images associated with a lawyer: remote, detached, uncaring.

The photos in a law firm website should feature imagery associated with courts (gavel, court room).

Showing web visitors images of gavels and court rooms is counterproductive for two reasons: it creates unease because most people fear going to court; it is misleading since very few legal matters actually go to court

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