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"The Web Seductress"

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The Web seductress, not a proven law firm marketing expert or a good choice for attorney marketing to boost law firm business development or build a successful law practice with the best legal advertising and marketing.
Mr. Half Right, not a good choice for anyone searching for attorney marketing, law firm marketing, lawyer web, best lawyer websites or legal marketing to promote law firm business development or build a successful law practice in Toronto or other cities across Canada with underperforming law offices.
I know a Guy, not a good provider of marketing tips for a small or large law firm that needs business development ideas to get new clients and build a successful law practice for lawyers in major Canadian cities, including Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg or Saskatoon.
Directory Dan, not a top law firm marketing expert in Canada for lawyers who need a new business development plan to build a successful law practice or attract new clients for a struggling law firm in Toronto, Mississauga, Thornhill or Markham.
Offshore Olav, not a trusted law firm marketing expert with good attorney marketing ideas, including best legal advertising concepts for lawyers and breakthrough law firm branding to promote law office business development for lawyers in Toronto.

The Web Seductress

What she typically promises: You could attract many more clients if you hired my top law firm business development company to do a complete makeover of your legal website. You need more engagement to get more conversion, employing strategized law firm marketing, web development techniques that only my firm can deliver. You need more content relevant to the areas of law handled by your law firm. It is not enough to be ranked on page one. We will bring you big clients!

What she fails to mention: You are not getting a custom website. You are getting a template that is priced like a custom website. The Web Seductress is not a web developer or law firm marketer. She is a sales person who makes a huge commission by reselling the same template design and web content to multiple law firms. She doesn't know much about Search Engine Optimization, editorial techniques, graphic design or law firm marketing strategy. She has not examined your law firm website in detail and just assumes your website will have the typical problem areas found in law firm websites. She promises the world, but is most interested in the commission she will get if you buy her law firm website template package.

What you need to know: Highly successful websites we have created for lawyers are routinely targeted by other web developers, including companies that claim to be specialists in web development for law firms. For example, a company that claims to be a leading provider of web services for Family law firms suggested that it could improve one of our websites by creating content that would lead to more conversions (client inquires). The website in question was annually generating over two thousand online inquiries and countless telephone inquiries. Yes, thousands of inquiries annually. The web development services promised by The Web Seductress were inferior in every way. We know because we checked out her websites and looked under the hood. What we found was template websites that are a full generation behind what we deliver in terms of marketing strategy, web design, content writing and Search Engine Optimization.

When The Web Seductress calls, do yourself a favor. Hang up.

Mr. Half Right

What he typically promises: We are very good at Search Engine Optimization for law firms. Nobody does law firm SEO better than us. We are number one for SEO in Canada. Really! We will improve the ranking of your law firm website. Guaranteed.

What he fails to mention: SEO companies are filled with people who know how to set up a website to impress a search engine. They are not so good when it comes to writing web content that impresses people. They know even less about marketing, if they understand it at all, which explains why we say they deliver Half-Right web solutions.

What you need to know: Become an educated buyer of web development services by asking us to tell you about the Five Sure Signs your website was written by an SEO nerd. You will recognize them immediately because they are standard issue in any website done by SEO "experts".

I Know a Guy!

What he typically promises: Don't waste your time and money on professional web developers or law firm marketing companies that specialize in web design and development! I know somebody who is real good at making websites! He is really cheap, too! Just leave everything to me.

What he fails to mention: He has never worked with the web developer he is recommending. He hasn't even met him. He doesn't even know whether this person has any training in web design and development. He had just heard that he "does websites" and is trying to be helpful by passing along the referral.

What you need to know: Going with a "I-know-a-guy" recommendation is dangerous because you are once removed from the actual supplier. Worse still, suppliers who rely on "I-know-a-guy" referrals are almost always not good enough to attract business on their own merits.

Directory Dan

What he typically promises: We are the leaders in our trade group. We can do what you can't do alone. Our website attracts huge traffic, your website attracts almost nothing. Get listed in our directory and you will get professional web marketing for a fraction of the cost to do your own marketing

What he fails to mention: A web visitor entering a Directory can do anything they want, including looking at your competitors. In fact, it is almost guaranteed that they will look at your competitors because it takes just one or two clicks to make that move. Worse still, for a small fee paid to the owners of the directory, your competitors could be listed ahead of you.

What you need to know: The owners of the Directory are not motivated to promote your business. They are motivated to get as many listings as possible because they make money on each listing. Every additional listing means more competition -- and more competition means your listing is less likely to be selected.

Offshore Olav

What he typically promises: Me good. You get good price. No worries. Me handle everything. You pay money now. I do work.

What he fails to mention: He can -- and often does -- disappear for days or weeks. If you are unlucky, he will disappear altogether (but only after getting your deposit).

What you need to know: You have virtually no recourse if your offshore supplier fails to deliver. Don't be surprised if you get a demand for payment above and beyond the "approved estimate", followed by a threat to take down your website if you don't comply. You have been warned.

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Search Engine Optimization process, which includes research to identify the search terms, or keywords, used to find a product or service and the incorporation of those keywords in web content to obtain a higher page rank than competing websites.

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a set of techniques used to improve the page rank of a website by making it more relevant and informative than competing websites. In simple terms, there are two steps.

Step One: conduct research to identify the search terms, or keywords, used most commonly to find a product or service. For most businesses, there will be a small number of well known "Trophy" keywords that are used commonly, plus a much larger list of less popular keywords that collectively could account for the same amount of traffic. The key (no pun intended) is to focus on the terms used by the prospective client, not the language used by lawyers. For example, do you know which terms web searchers use most often: "law office" or "law firm?" We do.

Step Two: Incorporate the keywords in the web content. This can be done seamlessly when the job is handled by a professional writer with marketing experience (our approach). The typical SEO company does not employ professional writers or marketing experts. Why bother when their singular focus is the search engines? But search engines don't hire lawyers. People hire lawyers. That means you need web content that attracts the search engines and intrigues the customer -- all at the same time. Don't settle for anything less.