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Top ten law firm marketing and advertising questions the average website designer would rather ignore

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  1. How much business is the average law firm losing by hiring writers who present the firm's legal services as a commodity? Hint: A lot.
  2. Why are law firm websites focused on the one thing that is least interesting to the individual seeking legal help? Hint: People relate to people, not things.
  3. What is the critically important editorial device that is missing from virtually every web site designed by so-called web design experts? Hint: it's short and sweet and is an absolute must to impress a search engine and attract a client all at the same time.
  4. Why are "buried benefits" a common problem in websites for lawyers? Hint: It's a menu for disaster.
  5. What is wrong with the typical column width in a law firm website? Hint: It is double trouble.
  6. Why do so few people remember what they read in a website for lawyers? Hint: It is not what you read, it is what you do.
  7. What is the response-killing, three-color combination used commonly on websites created for law firms. Hint. It makes women see red.
  8. Why are lawyers being poorly served by photographers hired to do photography for a law firm. Hint: Lack of focus.
  9. Why do so many legal websites go small when they should go big? Hint: Monkey see, monkey do.
  10. Why is it a huge mistake to focus on your law firm? Hint: It's a people thing.

Do the web developers you have already talked to even mention any of the things we have raised on this page? Not likely. Because they are delivering the same old, same old.

Talk to us and you will get answers to every question raised above. Why settle for less? Contact us today -- and don't forget to ask for your free website evaluation.

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Stamp with the words Broken Promises, a common problem with SEO companies who falsely claim they know how to market a law practice and create website content for lawyers.

Beware SEO companies who claim to do it all!

Chances are you regularly get calls and emails from Search Engine Optimization companies promising to improve the ranking of your website. Some may even be honest enough to explain that this could take a couple months or more. The people who do this work know how to talk to the machines that drive the major search engines. They are not so good at talking to people because they lack the necessary training in marketing and journalism. Remember that before you sign on the dotted line.