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Request your free introductory lawyer website design and copywriting consultation today

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SEO allows you to stand out in a crowd, an important objective when you have to compete against many other law firms, including those who believe in web optimization and invest in monthly SEO to maintain page rank.

The mysteries of search engine optimization explained (or why words matter)

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Let's start by removing some of the mystery from Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It's really not that complicated. Ever increasing numbers of people are using internet search engines to find stuff. They use certain words to search for this stuff. The job of the search engine is to list the websites with the content that is most relevant to the words used to prompt the search.

Still not clear. Perhaps an example would help. Let’s assume you have an organic Italian food business in Toronto, Canada, specializing in free home delivery. The website looks good. The colors are nice. And there is heavy promotion of special deals on Italian food. But only a handful of online orders come in, mainly from people who already knew about your company.

What went wrong? Just about everything. Successful SEO is all about being "a big fish in a small pond", not the opposite. Your Italian food company had almost no chance to be ranked among Italian food companies, especially since these businesses had existing websites. (Google gives an existing website more weight than a brand new website). However, you had a good chance of being ranked if the competitive market was narrowed to Organic Italian food companies that offer home delivery.

The next priority would be to attract as much traffic as possible within your niche by seeding the website with search terms related to ordering Italian food. For example, here are just three that we would include:

  • "Order Italian food online"
  • "Find organic Italian food near me"
  • "Organic Italian restaurant delivery"
Woman searching for lawyer, who stands out by having a law firm marketing plan, including professional search engine optimization, a key law firm marketing strategy.

Whether a keyword search delivers your website depends in large part on the effectiveness of the SEO applied to the website.

Note that more than one word is used in each search term. This is because most web searchers know they will get a better result if they make a specific, not general, search request that typically includes a geographic location, i.e. Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver...

Most businesses will have a relatively short list of keyword strings, often called Trophy Keywords, that account for about 50% of the organic* search traffic generated by your website. A much larger number of search terms will produce the other 50 percent and that makes them just as important as the first group.

One last thing: you need to employ the search terms employed by your customers -- even if they make spelling mistakes, an increasingly common occurrence.

Still confused? Not to worry. Contact us to request your free introductory consultation on the mysteries of search engine optimization for law firms. We know you will be impressed.

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*Organic search results are produced for free when someone does a Google search for a product or service. A search result can also be produced through Paid Search (Google AdWords).

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Why the best websites for lawyers always include a response form

A lot of website "experts" will tell you that forms are a waste of time. Don't believe it. A properly prepared form is a must on any legal website. We know because we monitor the response generated by the forms on our client websites.

They come in every day -- and in ever increasing numbers. Just one client website generates over two thousand online inquiries a year, plus countless more telephone inquiries. That's correct. Two thousand inquires a year, all delivered via a completed web form.