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A row of brown bags, representing failed law firm marketing plans, launched to build a successful law practice, turbo boost new business development or show how to get new clients for your law practice.

When the typical presentation of a law firm on the web is the digital equivalent of a brown paper bag

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It is not hard to find a law firm on the web. Just Google "find law firm near me" or "need legal services" and a list of law firms will appear.

Lawyer with brown bag on his head, representing law firm that needs help to grow a successful law practice, accelerate new business development or show lawyers in Canada how to get new clients for your law practice. You will likely be most interested in the firms that are listed first on page one (which is why SEO is so important). But let's assume you are going to consider any of the law firms on page one.

You look over the text that accompanies each listing in the hope that you might find some helpful information. But what you get instead is a lot of blah-blah-blah that leaves you dazed and confused. For example, what exactly is a "strong transactional focus"?

Other law firms do little more than list legal services. That's like putting a row of brown paper bags in a display window. Not much is going to happen because you have failed to give the web visitor a reason to choose your firm. That's the least you should expect from the average internet marketer, web designer or SEO company. Yet it is rarely, if ever, delivered.

Don't settle for the brown paper bag treatment -- not when we can show you how to turbo boost your new business development program with business boosting law firm marketing that works wonders for small, new and established law firms across Canada.

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Why you need SEO to build a successful law practice onlinef

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a set of techniques used to improve the page rank of a website by making it more relevant and informative than competing websites. In simple terms, there are two steps.

Step One: conduct research to identify the search terms, or keywords, used most commonly to find a product or service. For most businesses, there will be a small number of well known "Trophy" keywords that are used commonly, plus a much larger list of less popular keywords that collectively could account for the same amount of traffic. The key (no pun intended) is to focus on the terms used by the prospective client, not the language used by lawyers. For example, do you know which terms web searchers use most often: "law office" or "law firm?" We do.

Step Two: Incorporate the keywords in the web content. This can be done seamlessly when the job is handled by a professional copywriter with proven law firm marketing skills and extensive experience developing custom content for law firms (our approach). The typical SEO company, in sharp contrast, does not employ professional copy writers or marketing experts. Why bother when their singular focus is the search engines? But search engines don't hire lawyers. People hire lawyers. That means you need web content that attracts the search engines and intrigues the customer -- all at the same time. Don't settle for anything less.