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Request your free introductory lawyer website design and copywriting consultation today

Edmonton: (780) 266-2535

Toronto: (416) 809-9653

Law firm partners looking at the web design makeover provided by Best Lawyer Websites, the right choice for any law firm that needs a new website or the makeover of an existing website for a solo or small law office.

Learn how improved attorney marketing can turn your legal website into a lead generation machine

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There is little to separate one legal website from another. They all list services. They all provide bio information on the partners. And they all feature photos of the partners, typically looking stern and grim with arms folded.

Some law firms spend huge budgets on "website design", thinking this will separate them from the pack. But next to nothing happens because website design is just one of many services required to build a law office website that stands out from all the rest.

Then there is Best Lawyer Websites. We have spent years refining the services a law firm needs to turn a website into a lead generation machine. We know what works because we tracked results, not just for a few months, but for several years.

Bottom line: Clients who were once buried in search results moved to page one and the leads poured in. Day after day. Why not let us do the same for your law firm? Get started today by contacting us today to request your free introductory website consultation.

Lawyer with his arms folded, the typical negative image presented in law firm websites created by web developers who do not know how to market a law office or how to get new clients for a law practice

Typical law office website photo -- lawyer, with arms folded, in front of a board room -- exactly the wrong image to present to a prospective client.

Other lawyers noticed and asked for the same single-sourced solution that includes marketing help, website design, content writing and search engine optimization. Still more are calling us now, plus we are getting increasing inquiries from businesses that are not law firms.

We can help whether you don't have a website now or have an existing website and need a web makeover. Remember to ask about our pre and post web production service package. It changes everything, especially in terms of what is most important to you -- generating response.

Make sure you read the "Quick Tips" and "Web Terminology Explained", presented on each page. They are full of helpful information and you will see a new one every time you navigate to a new page. Plus you will learn about some of the most common web development scams and myths.

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Why you need SEO to build a successful law practice onlinef

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a set of techniques used to improve the page rank of a website by making it more relevant and informative than competing websites. In simple terms, there are two steps.

Step One: conduct research to identify the search terms, or keywords, used most commonly to find a product or service. For most businesses, there will be a small number of well known "Trophy" keywords that are used commonly, plus a much larger list of less popular keywords that collectively could account for the same amount of traffic. The key (no pun intended) is to focus on the terms used by the prospective client, not the language used by lawyers. For example, do you know which terms web searchers use most often: "law office" or "law firm?" We do.

Step Two: Incorporate the keywords in the web content. This can be done seamlessly when the job is handled by a professional copywriter with proven law firm marketing skills and extensive experience developing custom content for law firms (our approach). The typical SEO company, in sharp contrast, does not employ professional copy writers or marketing experts. Why bother when their singular focus is the search engines? But search engines don't hire lawyers. People hire lawyers. That means you need web content that attracts the search engines and intrigues the customer -- all at the same time. Don't settle for anything less.