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How do I know if my existing law firm website could be improved?

Here are some of the more common trouble spots in a lawyer website: flawed website page design that discourages visitor engagement and makes the content difficult to read; "me-too" content that makes the website seem exactly the same as competing law firm websites; illogical website architecture that buries the most important pages in places where they will be missed by many visitors; single-gender marketing in which every design and content decision is made to suit male visitors; unsettling "folded arms" photography that makes lawyers seem detached, remote and, worst of all, expensive.

Have you helped existing and new law practices grow and prosper by introducing new law firm marketing strategies, redesigning web pages, improving page rank and rewriting or expanding web content?

Yes. We have been successful because we have proven we can create websites that turbo charge law firm business development by generating new client inquiries daily.

What are the distinguishing characteristics of the best websites for law firms?

The best results are achieved with a holistic approach to law firm business development that pulls together everything you need to attract new clients: best website design, professional search engine optimization to boost the ranking of your website, unmatched copywriting and economical monthly website support and development.

What are the most common mistakes made by lawyers when they source law firm website design and development services?

The most common mistake, made by both solo practitioners and large corporate law firms in Canada, is the belief that the only thing that matters is web page design. Then they hire "award winning" web designers, who diminish, or ignore entirely, the importance of marketing and web content while stressing that they employ award winning website designers. We think the only award that matters is the thanks we receive from a client for helping grow their legal practice.

Does the design of law firm web pages help improve the page rank of the website?

No. Page rank is a function of Search Engine Optimization and the key driver of successful SEO is the content of a web page, not the design of a web page.

Is high page rank a guarantee of success?

No, although the best search engine optimization (SEO) companies in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Halifax want you to believe that the only thing that matters is SEO. Getting ranked is just one part of the success formula for law firm websites. What happens when the visitor gets to your website is also vitally important and that is a function of the web design, the marketing strategy and the content writing. This is why our ever growing list of law firm clients includes some firms that asked for a makeover even though they had relatively high page rank on many key search terms.

Is the purpose of a law firm website to describe the services offered by firm's lawyers?

No. The purpose of a law firm website is to help the web visitor see why they would benefit by retaining the services of the law firm. Big difference.

Do you have experience working with law firms of various sizes, including solo practitioner firms, small law firms and larger corporate law firms offering legal services in many areas of law?

Yes, we have worked for solo practitioners (new lawyer website or a complete law firm website makeover) and much larger corporate law firms with large teams of lawyers offering legal services in many areas of law.

What if I have an existing law firm website and only require a single service, such as redesign of my web pages, rewriting and editing of the existing web content or ongoing Search Engine Optimization?

Any client of Best Lawyer Websites has the option of selecting individual website development services or a complete law firm website package. Some law firm practitioners choose a series of web design and marketing services, delivered over a specific time period, to help the client manage their investment in website marketing and design.

Why should I hire Best Lawyer Websites when there are many companies that offer free websites?

You get what you pay for. Most "free" websites offers are a classic bait-and-switch scam that is designed to attract unsuspecting buyers (including lawyers seeking law firm website design services) who quickly discover:

  • Significant fees kick in after a very short introductory period
  • The initial web design lacks functionality and the only way to get the needed functionality is by paying fat fees for follow-up services

Now you know how the sellers of "free" websites make their money.

What about companies that say you should buy a cheap, do-it-yourself website package with "simple" drag and drop functionality?

They are neither cheap or simple. Moreover, the examples shown on TV look good because they feature what most business owners do not have: expensive professional photography. You also need to know that your website does not come with content. You have to write the content -- something most business owners can't or won't do -- or you have to pay a fee to have your web content written and -- suddenly -- your cheap, do-it-yourself website is no longer so cheap.

Can you build a law firm website with a Content Management System, also known as CMS, that allows the lawyers in the firm to add content?

Yes. But a few words of caution. Most CMS systems go unused because the lawyers who could submit content lack the time or writing skills required to assemble a readable legal blog. We have been asked to do makeovers of CMS law firm websites that were virtually unchanged from the day the web site was launched. Adding content to a website is important, but for most law firms it's best to give that job to a professional copywriter, just one more reason why you should hire Best Lawyer Websites.

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Search Engine Optimization process, which includes research to identify the search terms, or keywords, used to find a product or service and the incorporation of those keywords in web content to obtain a higher page rank than competing websites.

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, a set of techniques used to improve the page rank of a website by making it more relevant and informative than competing websites. In simple terms, there are two steps.

Step One: conduct research to identify the search terms, or keywords, used most commonly to find a product or service. For most businesses, there will be a small number of well known "Trophy" keywords that are used commonly, plus a much larger list of less popular keywords that collectively could account for the same amount of traffic. The key (no pun intended) is to focus on the terms used by the prospective client, not the language used by lawyers. For example, do you know which terms web searchers use most often: "law office" or "law firm?" We do.

Step Two: Incorporate the keywords in the web content. This can be done seamlessly when the job is handled by a professional writer with marketing experience (our approach). The typical SEO company does not employ professional writers or marketing experts. Why bother when their singular focus is the search engines? But search engines don't hire lawyers. People hire lawyers. That means you need web content that attracts the search engines and intrigues the customer -- all at the same time. Don't settle for anything less.